Ideal Geoservices is Leading Geotechnical Investigation Company in Navi Mumbai, India, and Offering a comprehensive range of Geotechnical Investigation Services for Nearshore & Onshore, Industrial and domestic sectors.

We carry Geotechnical investigation in nearshore, intertidal, and onshore environment. We offer the client with subsurface stratigraphy and geotechnical parameters appropriate for their jobs that are required for the design, selection of construction methodology, and optimization of project costs.

Near Shore - Investigation

Ports | Jetties | Dredging | Trestle | Quay Walls | Sea Link

IGPL with its fleet (associate) of Self Elevating Hydraulically Operating Jack Up Barges (JUB) carries out Geotechnical Investigation work in water depths upto -22.0m CD. The data is collected through a combination of specialized sampling tools and in-situ tests as per the site conditions and the requirements of the Client.

Intertidal – Investigation

Fisheries | Jetties | Dredging | Trestle | Quay Walls | Sea Link

IGPL provides geotechnical data to the client from the difficult intertidal area by using the floating platform with four-point mooring system. The information of the intertidal area is always critical for the project design and  requires careful planning and specialization to obtain the same.

Onshore Investigation

Power Plant (Thermal / Hydro) | Highways | Fly Overs | RoadOverBridge

IGPL carries out Geotechnical investigation services for all types of onshore infrastructure projects. The geotechnical data is collected through conventional means like drilling boreholes and modern techniques like piezo cone penetration and geophysical tests.