The following tests on soil, water and rock can be carried out at our ISO 17025 (NABL) accredited laboratory in Navi Mumbai in accordance with the relevant Indian, British and ASTM Standards

Index Property Tests

Natural Moisture content, Particle Size distribution, Specific Gravity, Bulk & Dry Density, Atterberg Limits, Swell Index.

Compressibility & Compaction Tests

Consolidation (Oedometer) Test, Swelling Pressure, Modified Proctor, Standard Proctor, California Bearing Ratio.

Strength Tests

Triaxial Strength Tests: (UU, CU & CD), Direct Shear Tests (UU & CD), Laboratory Vane Shear Tests.

Chemical Tests

2. Chloride
3. pH
4. Carbonate

Rock Tests

Unit Weight, Porosity, Water Absorption, Specific Gravity, Uniaxial Compressive Strength with stress strain measurements, Poisson’s Ratio, Point Load Index.

Water Tests

1. Sulphate
2. Chloride
3. pH
4. Carbonate.